About ALHO

ALHO – Assisted Living Homes Organization of Arizona

"Making a difference in your community"

What is ALHO?

ALHO is an Arizona based organization the offers an opportunity for personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of an Assisted Living Homes. As a member of ALHO we can achieve to work together as one.

Members belonging to ALHO attended regular meetings for fellowship, sharing and inspiration. ALHO GROUP is a service organization; it doesn’t prescribe a way of life for others but acts as a forum for diverse ideas regarding assisted living home community.

About ALHO

ALHO is an Assisted Living Homes Organization that was formed in November 2008.

The Purpose and Mission in forming this group is to unite all assisting living facilities, make a difference, to do the right thing, and help each other. All members are equal and no one above and beyond everyone. We are not a typical stereotype organization; we are committed in doing excellent job and provide utmost service in this industry the best we can. We welcome suggestions, comments and even criticisms to maintain and improve our services.

Our vision is to partner with different agencies associated in this industry to alleviate some of the difficulties and get answers when encountering challenges.

Our objective is to invite guests on a regular basis to help us educate and discuss important issues for better understanding so that we can all succeed in excellence.

  1. To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life.
  2. To help group home owners or operators to facilitate, promote and the application of rules and regulations of the assisted living facilities in a social, business and professional standards.
  3. To assist operators or owners on a occasional problems or occurrence pertaining assisted living operation such as violations, deficiencies, inspections, plan of corrections, etc.
  4. To develop, by precept and example a more intelligent serviceable organization.
  5. To assist owners/managers to find good caregivers and managers
  6. To cooperate in creating and maintaining the quality of care for the elderly.
  7. To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render different services, and to build better community.
  8. To help market and fill their homes to boost their income.

What does it mean to be a member of ALHO?

Each member can participate, share their views, talent and time. They can form a long time relationship and support based on mutual interest and sharing the joy of doing good deeds for others.

How does one join?

Membership is by invitation. This is your invitation to join. Do you know other care home owners or managers who, like yourself would make a difference into assisted living community? You can register and access our site for free by clicking this link, http://azalho.com/membership/ or call (602)643-5932 ask for Melissa for more information or e-mail alhoofarizona@gmail.com